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Community Based Art Project
This I Find Beautiful
is a many tiered project.  It has its roots in Social Practice art-making:  a form of creating works of art that uses “social” as the medium.  I am interested in creating opportunities for people to think about beauty in their everyday lives and to think about art and what it means.

I am a camp counselor at heart and I like to facilitate events.  This I find Beautiful is a project that can be hosted in any community, in any fashion.  I’ll provide a framework for those that want it, even tools to help facilitate your event.  I would find it fascinating to see the objects placed in a This I Find Beautiful exhibition in various locations, countries, and situations.

One of the many pieces of inspiration that created this project is the odd nature of being an art professor.  I find some people think that my education and interests must make me an arbiter of good taste – of beauty.

Please consider creating a This I Find Beautiful exhibition in your area.  I will gladly share images/links to your project.  Please contact me if you want to host an exhibition. pedro(at)

More formal explanation:

This I Find Beautiful is an ongoing community based art project by New York artist Peter Tucker.  The project asks community members to participate in an exhibition of items that they find beautiful.  Participants loan the object for display in a gallery, store display window, or other public space.

The project is designed to empower and give ownership to participants.  “Experts” curate typical gallery displays – their discerning taste others are meant to appreciate and admire.  This I Find Beautiful turns that notion on its’ head so that community members become the experts, the arbiters of taste and beauty.  The project is also designed to create dialogue about beauty, art, and creativity.  Community members can see and discuss what their neighbors and friends have chosen to display. 

Peter gives public presentations about the project to engage community members in the dialogue and to attain participants.  Printed materials (posters and handouts), press releases, and social media are all used to encourage participation.

All objects on display will be photographed and placed on a website.  Peter is seeking opportunities to create This I Find Beautiful in numerous locations around the globe.  Participants will be able to compare what people from different areas of the world find beautiful.  

Store front of Fredonia Pro Hardware

Store front of Fredonia Pro Hardware, Fredonia, NY.




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