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Creative Placemaking

A resource for Creative Placemaking documents.

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Resource Material

NEA Creative Placemaking White Paper (pdf)

Arts & Economic Prosperity IV, Economic Impact of the Non-Profit Arts & Culture Industry, full report.

Americans for the Arts

Art Works, official blog of the NEA


Artscape:  DIY Creative Placemaking

Metris Arts Consulting, projects

Project for Public Spaces

Social Impact of the Arts Project

Commentary / Articles

Creative Placemaking Has An Outcomes Problem, article by Ian David Moss Interesting article with many links.  Discusses measurable outcomes of CP projects.

‘Arts & Economic Prosperity IV’ Proves That the Arts Industry Is Resilient, Even in a Down Economy, article for the Huffington Post by Robert L. Lynch.

Creative Placemaking 2.0, article for Grantmakers in the Arts by Anne Gadwa Nicodemus.   Good history of CP.

Collaborative, Creative Placemaking: Good Public Art Depends on Good Public Spaces article for Project for Public Spaces

Kresge’s Arts and Culture team will integrate its grantmaking framework under the concept of ‘creative placemaking’, press release from the Kresge Foundation

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