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Wildlife Woodworking

Wildlife Woodworking is an ongoing project. It began when I started harvesting wood from dumpsters to build bee hives. It continues with projects to support native species that can benefit from constructed habit support (bee hives, nest boxes, bat houses, bee blocks…)

When possible, projects are completed with recycled/reclaimed materials and either given to non-profits or organizations that can maintain them. Bat houses, Northern Flying Squirrel nest boxes, and Bee blocks have been created for the Roger Tory Peterson Institute of Natural History, the Audubon Community Nature Center, Panama Rocks Scenic Park, the Western New York Land Conservancy and various nature preserves and individuals.

I often collaborate with Dr. Jonathan Titus, Professor of Biology at Fredonia State University of New York. The bee hives are an ongoing collaboration with Dan Darrell-Sterback. Beekeeping now also includes bee rescue projects with Dan Darrell-Sterback and Kathy Peterson. Portions of this project have been funded by the Costello Interplay Award Fund and the Puffin Foundation West.

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